League Results 2015

Road League positions Results


Race   Distance                             Date Online Entry Paper Entry Results  Reports
Brass Monkey - York Half Marathon 18th January  Results  Report
Snake Lane - Pocklington 10 Miles 22nd February  Results  Report
Thirsk 10 10 Miles 22nd March  Results  Report
Hartlepool Marina 5 Miles 29th March  Results  Report
Mermaid - Marske 10 Km 3rd April  Results  Report
Tees Barrage 10 Km 4th May  Results  Report
Raby Castle (Stainton) 10 Km 17th May  Paper  Results
Middlesbrough 5K 31st May Online Results  Report
Blaydon 5.7 Miles 9th June Race Full  Results
Newton Aycliffe 10 Km 21st June  Results Report
Summer Coast Road - Redcar 5 Km 15th July  Online  Details  Results
Kilburn 7 Miles 12th July  Online  Paper  Results
Darlington 10K 9th August  Online   Paper  Results
Ray Harrison - Billingham 10 Km 16th August   Online    Results Report
Tees Pride - Middlesbrough 10 Km 30th August  Online  Results
Autumn Coast Road - Redcar 5 Km 2nd September  Online  Details  Results
Redcar Half Marathon 13.1 Miles 27th September  Online  Results
Richmond Castle 10 Km 11th October  Online  Results
Scarborough 10 Km 11th October  Online  Results
Leeds Abbey Dash 10 Km 15th November  Online  Results


Trail League positions Results


Race Distance  Date  Online Entry  Paper Entry  Results Reports
 Loftus Poultry Run 8 Miles 21st December Results Report
 Jolly Holly Jog - Ripon 10 Km 28th December Results  Report
 Old Monks - Hart Village 6 Miles 4th January Results Report
 Absent Friends - Cowpen 5 Miles 15th February Results  Report
 Wainstones Hardmoors 10 Km 12th April  Results
 Pier to Pier 7 Miles 17th May  Online Paper  Results
 Fox and Hounds Chase - Guisborough 9 Miles 20th May  Results  Report
 Whitsun Woodland Run 6.5 Miles (approx) 24th May  Online  Paper  Results  Report
 Durham Coast 13.1 Miles 7th June  Results Report
 Hamsterly Forest 10 Km 26th July  Online  Results
 Saltburn Hardmoors 13.1 Miles 16th August  Race Full  Report
 Kirkstall Abbey 6.7 Miles 20th September  Online  Results
 Sedgefield Serpentine 6.5 Miles 20th September  Online  Results
 Gibside Fruitbowl 6.2 Miles TBC  Online  Results
 Gavin Duffy Memorial 5K 23rd November ?



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