Naked Run Series

Naked Run

During the summer we shall be holding a series of four  races known as the Naked Run. All runners will be dressed. Naked refers to running the distance without any form of timing device, no watch, Garmin or mobile.
No_WatchesThe runs will be over a variety of distance and terrain.
Before each race, all runners will inform Jimmy or Louise of their anticipated finish time. The idea is that you will then have to know your own pace and judge it accordingly. The aim is to finish as close as possible to the time you predicted. The difference in time, whether faster or slower than predicted, is classed as negative timing. The seconds or minutes you miss your prediction by will be added up over the four events to give your total score.
The winners of the  series will be the athlete with the lowest negative time.
The time you predict will hopefully be a challenging target. That will give the opportunity to still have your usual quality run.   It will also give an opportunity to get to know your pace and also to have some fun.
This series will replace the handicap series and offer a fair opportunity to all.
Given the nature of the runs, all runners will start together and unlike the handicap series it isn’t possible to have self timed results.
If people can’t make those dates, there will be an opportunity on the Monday following each run. This will be the only other opportunity, so it would be appreciated if as many as possible can make the original run.
Race Dates
2015 Results
Naked Runs Results 2015
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2017 Results
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