Parkrun Report – 02-03-2019


This week, 44 BMHH ran at 10 different Parkruns. There was 1 all time Personal Best (PB), 3 course Personal Bests (PBs), 7 Season Bests (SBs) (in 2019) and 10 course Season Bests (SBs).

This year to date, BMHH have completed 421 Parkruns taking a total time of 7 days, 13 hours, 10 minutes and 54 seconds and covering 1308 miles (2105km). The average time is 25:49. 8 people have set all time PB’s this year, whilst there have been 28 course PB’s.


There were no milestones this week but keep a look out for the following who are due to hit milestones within the next couple of weeks – it would be great to give them our support.

NameTotal RunsRuns This YearDate Last Run
Susan WALKER49423/02/2019
Nathan NICHOLSON98823/02/2019
Lewis REED49302/03/2019
Andy CHADFIELD48226/01/2019
Paul WHARTON49219/01/2019
Rachel GOLIGHTLY48202/03/2019

Pick of the Week – Michael Scott

Michael, who set an all time PB of 18:28, was the first finisher at Sedgefield Parkrun for the 2nd time this year. You will always find Michael lined up, front and centre, ready to go. His usual style is to give it all from the off and hang on! As of late, this has paid dividends where he has achieved 3 sub 19 minute PB’s in the last 5 weeks.

Michael navigating an unexpected obstacle at NYSD XC, Fox Rush Farm

Michael has been running alongside (or should I say ahead of ?) his dad, Mark, for just under two years. The chart below shows all of his Parkrun times over this period with his PB’s highlighted. Two things are evident:

  1. There is no easy week at Parkrun for Michael – the majority of his runs are within 1 minute of his current PB.
  2. The fantastic progress that Michael has made – although he’s not taking the same chunks off his PB’s as he was in his first year, he is still improving at a great rate. Bring on sub 18 minutes!
Michael Scott Parkrun Progression
Michael Scott Sedgefield Parkrun Times

It’s worth noting that Michael has only taken part at Sedgefield Parkrun. It’ll be great to see what times he can post at some of the faster courses that he may visit as part of the clubs annual Parkrun competition organised by Gary Dack.

Finally, Michael competed in the NYSD Cross Country League this year as a U20, who run alongside the senior men’s. This was Michael’s first season competing in cross country and he has had a brilliant outing bringing home the honours of 1st male U20. He will be presented with his award at the final event of the season, the road relays at Darlington South Park.

Full Results

The full Parkrun results can be found below. If your name is missing then please check that your Parkrun account has the club set to Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC. Conversely, if you spot someone in the list that ought not to be there then let me know and I can make sure that their results are filtered out in the future.

PB = All time PB, CPB = Course PB, SB = Best time of 2019, CSB = Best course time of 2019

NameTimePositionGender PositionEventEvents RunTotal RunsRuns This YearAcheivements
Michael SCOTT18:2811sedgefield1778[PB 00:16]
Stephen ROE18:3866stewart91036[SB 04:12][CPB 00:32]
Andrew LOVE18:5633teesbarrage112188[CSB 00:51]
Lewis REED19:3677teesbarrage5493[CSB 00:35]
Gary DACK20:451817teesbarrage151755[CSB 00:26]
Ben HODGSON21:1355flattslane212596
Mark SCOTT21:231717sedgefield2708
James WAITE21:302422teesbarrage42825
James FISHBURN21:452624teesbarrage102088
John GRAY22:071411marshalldrive7037610
James MCCUE22:083331teesbarrage6321
Helen ADAMSON23:01454teesbarrage5283[SB 03:54]
Jane RAPER23:23536teesbarrage10657
Calvin NICHOLSON24:002724marshalldrive2613211
Kenneth STEPHENSON24:237060teesbarrage52449[CSB 00:04]
Rebecca DAWSON24:267111teesbarrage71464[SB 00:13][CPB 00:13]
Mark RAYNER24:386859sedgefield71716[CSB 00:20]
Adam COOPER25:138473teesbarrage1101
Jill MADDREN25:259114teesbarrage42049
John R GRAHAM25:419278sedgefield3279
Jessica DAWSON25:5510816teesbarrage61554
Joanne LOVE26:0511420teesbarrage122309
Melinda WEST26:09929albert71226
Peter BOWMAN26:096658hartlepool222109[SB 00:16]
Alison CARTER26:2612519stewart2734
Stephanie GOLIGHTLY27:018125catterick12323
Adam HAREWOOD27:4511696albert4966
Fiona ROE27:5315930stewart71089
Sarah ROE27:5416031stewart7877
David HODGSON28:072926flattslane2626610
Mark George ROGERS28:17150125pontefract472255
Kenneth JOHNSON29:43207149teesbarrage11847
Tracy MASKEW29:4511933redcar6517
Helen Jane HILL30:0018350sedgefield13753
Sally DACK30:0118451sedgefield131725
Phoebe TAYLOR30:3619557sedgefield1644
Mark GRACE30:406646marshalldrive464199
Sandra MAIN32:0125274stewart62398
Melanie SHAW32:2117657albert4233
David MOGIE32:40257170teesbarrage101632[SB 00:30]
Rachel GOLIGHTLY32:4918462albert6482[SB 02:45]
Judith WESTON33:2023782sedgefield81644
Geraldine BOUTTELL34:2120274albert54188
Michelle BYTHEWAY34:46308110stewart101074

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