Parkrun Report – 23-03-2019


This week, 44 BMHH ran at 8 different Parkruns. There was 1 all time Personal Best (PB), 8 course Personal Bests (PBs), 12 Season Bests (SBs) (in 2019) and 14 course Season Bests (SBs).

We had a first finisher in Andy Chadfield at Sedgefield Parkrun whilst hitting his 50th milestone setting a new course PB by taking 1min 8sec off of his previous best.

This year to date, BMHH have completed 534 Parkruns taking a total time of 9 days, 14 hours, 2 minutes and 17 seconds and covering 1659 miles (2670km). The average time dropped by 1 second to 25:50. 10 people have set all time PB’s this year, whilst there have been 28 course PB’s.


As mentioned above, there was one milestone this week with Andy Chadfield completing his 50th Parkrun in style – well done Andy.

There were also two milestones last weekend (16-03-2019):

  • Nathan Nicholson ran his 100th Parkun whilst touring at Heslington Parkrun and setting an amazing 30 second all time PB of 18min 44sec! Excellent work Nathan.
  • Rachel Golightly ran her 50th Parkrun at Albert Parkrun. Well done Rachel!

Keep a look out for the following who are due to hit milestones within the next couple of weeks – it would be great to give them our support.

NameTotal RunsRuns This YearDate Last Run
Adam HAREWOOD98816-03-2019
Lewis REED49302-03-2019
Paul WHARTON49219-01-2019

Last Weekend – 16-03-2019

Last weekend 38 BMHH ran at 7 different Parkruns. There were 3 all time Personal Bests (PBs), 2 course Personal Bests (PBs), 12 Season Bests (SBs) (in 2019) and 11 course Season Bests (SBs). We had a first female finisher in Jane Raper at Tees Barrage Parkrun.

The full results can be found below this weeks full results at the bottom of the page.

Sedgefield Parkrunner of the Year

As we discussed in a previous Parkrun report, Michael Scott has made great progress over the last two years at Parkun. This was recognised by Sedgefield Parkrun this weekend where Michael was awarded Sedgefield Parkruner of the Year!

Full Results

The full Parkrun results can be found below. If your name is missing then please check that your Parkrun account has the club set to Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC. Conversely, if you spot someone in the list that ought not to be there then let me know and I can make sure that their results are filtered out in the future.

PB = All time PB, CPB = Course PB, SB = Best time of 2019, CSB = Best course time of 2019

NameTimePositionGender PositionEventEvents RunTotal RunsRuns This YearAcheivements
Andy CHADFIELD17:5611sedgefield3504[CPB 01:08]
Scott BOYD18:1955sedgefield12811
Michael SCOTT18:5577sedgefield1789
Ben HODGSON18:561917albert212618[SB 00:29][CPB 00:02]
Chris JEFFERIES19:101111teesbarrage71348[SB 03:01][CPB 00:43]
David MULHOLLAND19:121212teesbarrage91815[SB 00:12][CPB 00:03]
Kevin PATTERSON19:201414teesbarrage7755[SB 00:40]
Nathan NICHOLSON19:2944marshalldrive2410111
James FISHBURN20:041312stewart1021010
Mark SCOTT21:062828sedgefield2719
Ryan BROCKBANK21:234242teesbarrage41187
Jane RAPER22:40553teesbarrage10679[PB 00:10]
Andrew Christopher DAVIES23:146764teesbarrage1618510
Calvin NICHOLSON23:221716marshalldrive2713514[CPB 00:38]
David HODGSON23:298275albert2626913[SB 00:04]
Jill MADDREN24:01827teesbarrage420611[SB 00:11]
Nick LAWTON24:5710795albert1124[SB 00:36]
Shaun FRASER25:1210797teesbarrage8698
John GRAY25:142826stortheshall7137913
Alison CARTER25:278610stewart2745[SB 00:53]
Jonathon BOWES25:35115104teesbarrage151326
Susan WALKER25:3712217albert3516
Rebecca DAWSON25:4812214teesbarrage71486
Fiona ROE25:599914stewart711011[CPB 00:04]
John R GRAHAM26:058780sedgefield32911
Jessica DAWSON26:0813017teesbarrage61576
Rosie DAWSON26:1213620teesbarrage71777
Michael LOVE26:25149123teesbarrage112018
Joanne LOVE26:2915128teesbarrage1323312
Peter BOWMAN26:457866crane2221312
Mark George ROGERS27:41132113stewart482277
Daisy JOHNSON28:189329dalbyforest11624
Kenneth JOHNSON28:199465dalbyforest118710
Mark RAYNER28:22125102sedgefield71749
Geraldine BOUTTELL28:2716534albert542010
Tracy MASKEW28:5317642albert6528[SB 00:25]
Mark GRACE29:47193151stewart4742111
Sarah ROE29:5719745stewart7899
Stephen ROE29:57198153stewart91069
David MOGIE30:04254181teesbarrage101654[SB 01:04]
Sandra MAIN32:1329698teesbarrage62409[CPB 02:20]
Michael LARKIN33:13228156albert323019
Michelle BYTHEWAY33:1627186stewart101096[SB 01:05]
Cheryll ROBINSON33:36332123teesbarrage6411

Full Results – 16-03-2019

PB = All time PB, CPB = Course PB, SB = Best time of 2019, CSB = Best course time of 2019

NameTimePositionGender PositionEventEvents RunTotal RunsRuns This YearAcheivements
Nathan NICHOLSON18:4465heslington2310010[PB 00:30]
Andrew Christopher DAVIES19:1266albert161849[SB 00:17]
Kevin PATTERSON20:0099teesbarrage7744[SB 01:25]
Ryan BROCKBANK20:261010teesbarrage41176[PB 00:14]
Gary DACK20:3144hartlepool151777[SB 00:12]
Stephen GUEST20:421414teesbarrage101482[SB 02:35]
Andrew LOVE20:421515teesbarrage1222010
Calvin NICHOLSON20:532622heslington2713413[PB 00:19]
James MCCUE21:382121teesbarrage6332[SB 00:30]
John GRAY22:53109cliffecastle7137812
Michael LOVE23:103636teesbarrage112007
Kenneth STEPHENSON23:143838teesbarrage524510[CSB 01:09]
Jane RAPER23:21401teesbarrage10668
Jonathon BOWES23:454443teesbarrage151315[SB 00:11]
Kenneth JOHNSON23:464544teesbarrage11869[CSB 00:02]
Chris JEFFERIES23:594036albert71337
David HODGSON24:184137albert2626812
Emily PATTERSON24:37544teesbarrage6353[CPB 00:22]
Joanne LOVE26:10747teesbarrage1323211
Sally DACK26:18245hartlepool131747[SB 00:17]
Peter BOWMAN26:463126hartlepool2221211
Rosie DAWSON27:5010920sedgefield71766
Adam HAREWOOD28:089173albert4988
Geraldine BOUTTELL28:089219albert54199[SB 00:13]
Mark RAYNER28:3211492teesbarrage71738
Stephen ROE28:439575stewart91058
Rebecca DAWSON28:5412431sedgefield71475
Sarah ROE28:5410124stewart7888
Fiona ROE28:5510225stewart710910
Jessica DAWSON28:5712532sedgefield61565
John R GRAHAM29:0212795sedgefield32810
Daniel HAREWOOD31:1213089albert4945
Melinda WEST32:0414348albert71237
Stephanie GOLIGHTLY33:1915154albert12345
Lyndsay DUFFY33:2015255albert11663
Rachel GOLIGHTLY33:2015356albert7504
Matthew HAREWOOD33:3015599albert41145
Alan DOWSON39:28182108albert81102[SB 01:46]

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