Parkrun Report – 30-03-2019


This week, 47 BMHH ran at 7 different Parkruns. There were 5 all time Personal Bests (PBs), 8 course Personal Bests (PBs), 14 Season Bests (SBs) (in 2019) and 9 course Season Bests (SBs).

This year to date, BMHH have completed 581 Parkruns taking a total time of 10 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes and 7 seconds and covering 1805 miles (2905km). The average time dropped by 3 second to 25:47. 14 people have set all time PB’s this year, whilst there have been 28 course PB’s.


Congratulations to Lewis Reed on completing his 50th Parkrun at Sedgefield Parkrun in a seasons best time of 19 minutes 9 seconds.

Keep a look out for the following who are due to hit milestones within the next couple of weeks – it would be great to give them our support.

NameTotal RunsRuns This YearDate Last Run
Adam HAREWOOD99930-03-2019
Paul WHARTON49219-01-2019
Stephen BROWN48130-03-2019

Club Parkrun Handicap

Remember that this weekend is the first in the club Parkrun competition at Stewart Park. If you are unable to run this weekend then you will have up to the end of the month to record a time.

Full Results

The full Parkrun results can be found below. If your name is missing then please check that your Parkrun account has the club set to Billingham Marsh House Harriers & AC. Conversely, if you spot someone in the list that ought not to be there then let me know and I can make sure that their results are filtered out in the future.

PB = All time PB, CPB = Course PB, SB = Best time of 2019, CSB = Best course time of 2019

NameTimePositionGender PositionEventEvents RunTotal RunsRuns This YearAcheivements
Andrew LOVE17:5855hartlepool1222111[SB 00:38][CPB 00:10]
James FISHBURN18:1377hartlepool1021111
Stephen BROWN18:281312albert7481[PB 00:43]
Nathan NICHOLSON18:431111hartlepool2410212[PB 00:01]
Lewis REED19:0977sedgefield5504[SB 00:12]
Andrew Christopher DAVIES19:211111sedgefield1618611[CSB 03:29]
David MULHOLLAND19:301212sedgefield91826
John GRAY19:323232hull7238014[SB 00:10]
Ben HODGSON19:453126albert212629
Michael SCOTT19:491414sedgefield17910
Stephen GUEST20:031111stewart101493[SB 00:39]
Ryan BROCKBANK20:281413teesbarrage41198
James WAITE20:431918teesbarrage42836
Alan EDWARDS20:491817stewart4281[PB 00:52]
Calvin NICHOLSON20:592726hartlepool2713615[CPB 00:48]
Mark SCOTT21:033131sedgefield27210
Stephen ROE21:292726stewart910710
Paul EDWARDS21:302928stewart3191
Kian WALLINGER21:453231hartlepool6265[SB 00:40][CPB 00:35]
Kenneth STEPHENSON23:597472sedgefield524611
Chris JEFFERIES24:248380sedgefield71359
Jessica DAWSON24:24679teesbarrage61587[PB 00:02]
Jill MADDREN24:347111teesbarrage420712
Nick LAWTON24:35115101albert1135[PB 00:19]
Joanne LOVE24:55669hartlepool1323413[SB 00:34]
Mark RAYNER25:0010194sedgefield717510
Rebecca DAWSON25:258913teesbarrage71497
Susan WALKER25:2613219albert3527
Peter BOWMAN25:577663hartlepool2221413[SB 00:12]
Mark George ROGERS26:592924hortonpark492288
Daniel HAREWOOD27:20174134albert4956[SB 01:10]
Adam HAREWOOD27:25177136albert4999
Stephanie GOLIGHTLY29:1217345teesbarrage12356
Fiona ROE29:1821556stewart711112
Sarah ROE29:1921657stewart79010
Phoebe TAYLOR29:5221466sedgefield1655
Judith WESTON30:0319959teesbarrage81666[CSB 01:07]
Jeffrey MARR30:26206145teesbarrage41371
Mark GRACE30:494331hortonpark4842212
Melinda WEST31:4524274albert71248
Matthew HAREWOOD31:56244169albert41156
Geraldine BOUTTELL31:5724576albert542111
Michelle BYTHEWAY33:10305111stewart101107[SB 00:06]
Cheryll ROBINSON33:3125993teesbarrage6422[SB 00:05]
Sandra MAIN34:02319120stewart624110
Rachel GOLIGHTLY34:54302131sedgefield7515
Nichola MULHOLLAND34:56305134sedgefield7892[SB 00:34]

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