Race Report – Darlington 10km – 11th August 2019

Race Report by Tracy Maskew

My previous 10km races have always been 60 minutes plus, and this is because I always go out too fast, then crash and burn.

Andrea Clyburn and Sarah Short gave our training group a 10km improvement plan earlier in the year and this is when I started to improve. 

Pacing myself at the beginning then increasing at a comfortable pace, then giving it my all near the end. The plan also included hills which is my biggest downfall, but I started to see an improvement with them as well.

We also did a few trails, which gives you more stamina, building strength in your legs so you can take on the challenge of a road race.

When the plan ended, we had a targeted 10km race to run, which fell on Good Friday the mermaid 10km.

Sarah paced me at this race and we kept a steady pace throughout to ensure I obtained a sub 60, which I did in 59 minutes 56 seconds.  My confidence nearly went out of the window at 5 miles, but Sarah pulled me around and we ended on a high.

The next target race was the Darlington 10km. This race was how it should be, cloudy, cool with an expectation of rain, perfect running conditions.

With the atmosphere and the spectators cheering us on, I started off faster than I should have, but I managed to pull this back and made sure I ran at a comfortable pace, even when the much-anticipated incline (hill) was upon me. 

I slowed it down slightly and wasn’t pressured to go any faster, even though other runners were belting past me.  Once I was at the top of the incline, I regained my pace and carried on running over the top, passing the runners who ran by me up the hill, haha.

By the second lap I started feeling a bit drained, so slowed it down slightly then regained the pace again. I wasn’t even bothered when other runners were running by me, I just knew that I was on track to get a sub 60!

The finish line was in sight, so I picked up the pace again to cross the line in 58 minutes 38 seconds a new 10km personal best.

I cannot thank my coaches enough for the encouragement and ongoing support that they have given me in my pursuit of the elusive sub-60min 10km.

Well done everyone who ran. Full Darlington 10km results can be found here – https://www.ukresults.net/2019/darl10k.html

Subtext by Steve Guest

Tracy was joined by seven other BMHH’s at Darlington. Andy Hardy was 1st Harrier home in 37min 43secs not bad for a Vet-50!

A close 2nd was Nathan Nicholson, one of our extremely talented juniors, in 38min 56secs.

James Waite and Calvin Nicholson (Nathan’s Dad) were 3rd and 4th home in just over 40mins.

1st female Harrier was Helen Adamson in a respectable time of 45mins 57secs, with Andrea Clyburn posting a 10km PB in just over 50mins.

Sid Rudd rounded up the Harriers running at Darlington, with another impressive 10km performance and posted a time of just over 65mins.

And in the Darlington 3km race, Ben Hodgson, another of our talented juniors, posted a PB of 10mins 39secs and was 4th place (2nd for his age). Well done Ben. ?

Full Darlington 3km results can be found here – https://ukresults.net/2019/darl3k.html

Photos by Karen Harland (thanks again Karen) – http://tiny.cc/vfz1az

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