League Races 2019

2018 BMHH League Winners

Information about the Club League Competition:

The club league competition starts in November 2018 and finishes in October 2019. Points are scored based on your placing in each race among other BMHH athletes in your age and gender categories.

10 points are awarded for a win going down to 1 for everyone that runs (i.e. 10th, 11th, 12th etc all get 1 point). The best 14 races to count across the Competition.

Winning prizes are awarded at the Christmas Party in December. Good luck!

DateRaceDistanceResults & Entry Links
25/11/2018Gavin Duffy Memorial5kResults
16/12/2018Loftus Poultry Run8miResults
30/12/2018Jolly Holly Jog10kResults
06/01/2019Old Monks - Stuart Pailor Memorial5.5miResults
13/01/2019Brass Monkey13.1miResults
10/02/2019Absent Friends5miResults
24/02/2019Snake Lane10miResults
17/03/2019Thirsk 1010miEnter
14/04/2019Marina 55miEnter
06/05/2019Tees Barrage10kEnter
12/05/2019Raby Castle10kEnter
19/05/2019Pier to Pier7miEnter
26/05/2019Whitsun Woodland Run6.5miEnter
30/06/2019Ali Brownlee5kEnter
03/07/2019Pit Stop10kEnter
07/07/2019Kilburn Feast 77miEnter
17/07/2019Summer Coast Road5kEnter
04/08/2019Ray Harrison10kEnter
01/09/2019ASDA Foundation (formerly Tees Pride)10kEnter
04/09/2019Autumn Coast Road5kEnter
TBCSedgefield Serpentine6.2mi
TBCRichmond Castle10k