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Senior Club Training

Monday Night Sessions
Monday night sessions are used as a recovery run. These sessions are run in groups.

Thursday Night Sessions
Thursday nights provide a more intensive session, these vary depending on which group you train with, see below for our coaches future sessions.

Coaches Planned Training Sessions – 2019
• Gary Dack’s Coaching Training Plan 11/11 to 23/12 Open PDF File
• Ian Harris Coaching Training Plan 05/08 to 28/11Open PDF File
• Sarah Short/Andrea Clyburn Coaching Training Plan 22/08 to 07/11Open PDF File

General Training Plans and Advice
A wide variety of training plans are available for all levels and distances, the below links provide a selection of these:
Runner’s World Programmes
Women’s Running Programmes

Other Useful Links
Pace Calculators
Runner’s World
Cool Running

Future Races Near the North East of England –