NYSD XC Ormesby Hall Results

9th January

Thanks to Paul McGough, Richard Fawcett and members of NYMAC for hosting the meeting. Having to change the course at short notice is never easy but I think everything worked out OK especially with the muddy conditions. There were quite a few tired legs at the finish. Thanks also to all the officials and marshals without their help we would not be able to hold these events. The next meeting will be at Richmond Old Race Course on Sunday 6the February.

Billingham Marsh House results are as followed :

NameFinish timeCategory
Archie Appleton  06:27Under 11 Boys
Molly Robson06:43Under 11 Girls
Emma Scott06:57 Under 11 Girls
Lucy Quinn06:59Under 11 Girls
Emily Robson07:02Under 11 Girls
Daisy Johnson13:13Under 15 girls
Joshua Nicholson24:33Under 17 Boys
Emily Patterson25:44Under 17 Girls
Laura Edwards32:55Senior Women
Fiona Roe35:55Senior Women
Joanne Love34:46V35
Darren Smith36:25Senior Men
Chris Jefferies41:08V45
Calvin Nicholson43:56V45
Michael Scott45:47Senior Men
Paul Edwards47:09V50
Mark Scott48:11V45
Toby Auton54:19V50
U20, Senior & Vet Women11206
U20, Senior & Vet Men5313

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